Driving business efficiency through environmental improvement

I set up Earthly Gains to help companies from the techniques that I have learnt from working with hundreds of companies over the last 20 years.

In the early 1990s, I managed a project to help companies put in environmental management systems. Everyone thought that this would raise costs and be a burden on management. In fact, all of the companies involved saved money. They all discovered some aspect of their operations were using resources inefficiently.

This was an early demonstration that few companies are truly resources efficient. Companies focus on delivering their core products and services as effectively as possible. Few have time to analyse where they could be more efficient. Those that do have time don’t necessarily have the skills needed to best drive resource efficiency.

I led a major programme to help businesses in the UK become more efficient. It helped many thousands of companies in the UK to save money through resource efficiency. We found that through resource efficiency companies could realistically expect annual savings of at least:

  • £1000 per employee in manufacturing
  • £200 per employee in service industries

Of course, many companies save much more than this.

In the late 1990s, the concept of sustainability was starting to gain traction with leading companies. Resource efficiency can help with many aspects of sustainability. I have helped many people understand how to address sustainability in their company and to reap the benefits that being more sustainable can bring.

Earthly Gains can help your company to reap similar benefits.

    Martin Gibson


Providing diagnostics, advice and assistance

Earthly Gains can help your company to assess its position and identify opportunities to improve resource efficiency. It can then provide advice on how to turn opportunities into practical actions that bring measurable benefits.

One problem that many companies have is a lack of times to make the most of the opportunities that they have. Earthly Gains can provide management resources to help make sure projects reach fruition.


Engaging Earthly Gains

  • Here are some typical projects that have helped customers:
  • A review to benchmark performance and identify possible opportunities
  • A review of how key suppliers meet policy objectives
  • Leading a board level workshop to develop sustainability strategy
  • Process flow workshops to identify opportunities
  • Process optimisation development
  • Stakeholder engagement

Experience shows that there are considerable benefits to improving resource efficiency and sustainability. Earthly Gains focuses on identifying the benefits and helping our clients to achieve them.

We usually start with a ‘no obligation’ discussion to explore opportunities. We then prepare a costed proposal with a clear timetable. Our experience is that companies make the most saving where there is a clear commitment from senior management, so our proposal makes clear what we expect from clients to help them deliver best outcomes.

Once a proposal is accepted, we appoint a project manager who will guide the work and be the main contact for the client. We keep our client informed of progress and engaged with them according to their preferences, Some clients like deep involvement while others prefer to have a ‘light touch’.

After we deliver a project, we offer a free review meeting to help ensure our clients make the most of what we have delivered.

Types of contact

Most of our work is done a consultancy projects. However, Martin Gibson has also worked as an interim embedded within a company.

Contact info

Tel: 01865 600575

Email: mgibson@earthlygains.co.uk